The Projects Homeowners Feel Are Most Important To Complete Before Winter

As temperatures drop, our inclination to stay snug indoors naturally increases. Given the current housing market conditions with mortgage rates reaching a two-decade high, it's no wonder homeowners are opting to enhance their current residences rather than embarking on the rigors of moving.

Fresh insights from the home improvement services app Thumbtack reveal that room remodels have surged by nearly 40 percent this year compared to the previous one. With winter's unpredictable weather just around the corner, water damage cleanup and restoration have surged by 91 percent year over year, waterproofing projects have risen by 71 percent, and sump pump installations or repairs have increased by 63 percent. Naturally, homeowners are also keen on introducing smart technologies and optimizing storage, especially in their closets and garages. However, it's the outdoor projects that are truly capturing our attention as autumn and winter draw near.

"Fall marks a transition. As the leaves change and we pack away our summer clothes, many of us start to prepare our homes for the colder weather," notes David Steckel, a Thumbtack home expert, along with insights from Morgan Olsen, a Thumbtack design expert, who stated in a recent press release about their findings, "Whether that’s tackling seasonal maintenance—things like ensuring gutters are cleaned and HVAC systems are running smoothly—or dreaming up cozy renovations, homeowners are putting in the time and money to give their homes a little TLC."

According to Thumbtack’s latest data, it's the outdoor projects, especially in landscaping, that are taking center stage this year. Among the most sought-after outdoor tasks on Thumbtack's fall to-do lists are lawn mowing and trimming, full-service lawn care, tree trimming or removal, roof repair and maintenance, outdoor landscaping and design, pest control services, pressure washing, exterior painting, fence and gate installation, and concrete installation. These are all projects that can be particularly challenging to tackle during the winter months, particularly in regions prone to severe winter weather.

Homeowners are striving to cultivate peaceful and welcoming outdoor spaces, recognizing that a little extra attention and care can set the stage for a vibrant ambiance, especially as the winter season approaches.

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