DIY Trends to Elevate Your Home Project Game In 2024

Watching a DIY video on fast-forward at 2x speed is captivating. Throughout this year, you've likely caught glimpses of DIY enthusiasts attempting limewash painting, a standout DIY trend of 2023, or crafting large-scale wall art. While TikTokers and YouTubers make these tasks appear effortless, professionals, including contractors, home builders, and designers, comprehend the intricacies that transpire behind the scenes during these projects.

Recognizing the allure and satisfaction of completing a DIY venture, experts foresee several burgeoning DIY trends taking the spotlight in home renovations for 2024. Combined with industry insights, these trends offer an exciting glimpse into the upcoming year's hottest DIY endeavors. Get ready with your measuring tape!

**Revival of Wood Cabinets**

Contrary to the trend of discarding honey-colored and dark wooden kitchen cabinets in favor of white or navy ones, DIYers are now opting to retain their existing storage. Once deemed outdated, wood cabinets are experiencing a resurgence, exuding an organic and warm feel. Gena Kirk, vice president of corporate studio at KB Home, notes the increasing demand for natural finishes like wood grain, emphasizing that mid- and darker-toned stains offer a timeless appeal. Pairing these stained cabinets with creams and dramatic marble veined backsplashes creates a captivating organic look in kitchens.

Gabriela Narvaez, general contractor and founder of Guild Properties, reports a rising request for new wooden cabinets, echoing DIYers' inclination toward repurposing existing elements. "Wood colors are in vogue," she affirms, citing installations of oak-y finished cabinets and storage systems as prevalent trends.

**Embracing Classic Luxury**

The old money aesthetic has found a new home on platforms like TikTok, gaining popularity with 57.2 million views. Taskrabbit's trend report underscores the incorporation of time-honored luxury elements, such as porcelain and marble accents, into small-space homes on a budget. Jordan Slocum and Barry Bordelon, known as the Brownstone Boys, anticipate a surge in molding installations—crown molding, picture frame molding, wainscoting, baseboards, and window and door casings—as homeowners strive to infuse antique glamour into their spaces.

While the duo primarily operates in historic homes, they've mastered blending old-world charm into modern builds through strategic molding placements, citing picture frame molding as an economical and easily achievable method for adding charm.

**Faux Built-ins for Customization**

DIYers are exploring innovative ways to create the illusion of built-in shelving without professional installations. Hacking budget-friendly units like IKEA shelves to simulate custom storage is becoming increasingly popular. Narvaez mentions using the interior framing of IKEA shelves, enhancing them with doors and panels from other sources for a stylish yet budget-conscious flair.

The demand for custom-built furniture, even if loosely defined, is on the rise as renters and homeowners seek to personalize their spaces. The Brownstone Boys recommend painting walls, shelves, and cabinets in a cohesive color for a polished built-in appearance, advocating for rich, deep colors to heighten dramatic designs.

**Vibrant Tile Designs**

The traditional demand for blindingly white subway tiles might see competition from bold and splashy tiles for both walls and floors in the upcoming year. Designers are gravitating toward colorful tilework in smaller spaces like bathrooms or powder rooms, with patterns such as herringbone gaining traction. Corey Lohmann, a Chicago-based designer, highlights the use of vibrant tilework for its suitability in smaller spaces and reduced commitment compared to larger areas.

**Shift Away From Drywall**

Neutral spaces on all four walls are giving way to murals, wallpaper borders, and paneling, signaling the popularity of DIY projects that infuse character into blank spaces. Murals saw an 18 percent increase in Zillow listings in 2023, indicating a growing trend. Peel-and-stick murals are a DIY-friendly option for those seeking an instant transformation. Amanda Pendleton, Zillow's home trends expert, recommends applying floral wallpaper murals to home offices or landscapes in dining rooms to add visual interest quickly.

Justina Blakeney, an AD100 designer and artist, foresees wallpaper borders gaining traction, particularly around doorways, windows, and room perimeters, enhancing decorative accents and complementing existing wall coverings.

**Mudroom-Laundry Room Combo**

Anticipate the rise of "mud-laundry rooms" as a prevalent DIY project for 2024. Combining elements of a mudroom and a laundry room into a single space offers a practical solution within limited square footage. Builder Ben Neely emphasizes the growing significance of these multifunctional spaces, particularly those connected to garages, providing designated areas for personal belongings, electronics, and outerwear.

Designer Mary Flo Ouellette recommends smart storage solutions, including wall-mounted pieces to maximize floor space in DIY mud-laundry rooms, acknowledging the challenge of creating an entry area and storage within unconventional spaces.

**Elegance of Fluted Accents**

Fluted wood is set to embellish various furniture pieces, including cabinets, vanities, and kitchen islands, in the upcoming year. Steven Santosuosso, a designer at Squarehouse Studios, highlights the textural and dimensional advantages of fluted panels in a space. The incorporation of fluted marble and tile also offers a visually striking addition to solid or marbled surfaces.

For those seeking to infuse their spaces with texture and depth, fluted details can be an ideal choice without necessitating material changes. Designer Justina Blakeney predicts the emergence of fluted marble and tile, adding visual exuberance and uniqueness to home interiors.

Are you ready to revitalize your home with these cutting-edge DIY trends for 2024? At Spencer Home Improvements, we're equipped with the expertise to guide and assist you in implementing these trends, turning your DIY dreams into reality. Reach out to us today for personalized advice and step-by-step support in transforming your home into a haven of style and functionality.

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