21 Ways to Transform Your Home with Weekend DIY Projects

Elevate the appeal and functionality of every corner of your home through a curated selection of 21 DIY home improvement projects that can be efficiently completed over a weekend!

1. **Kitchen Island Transformation:** Elevate the heart of your home with an impactful kitchen update. Swap out the surface of your kitchen island with a finish like 180fx by Formica Group's Calacatta Cava. This luxurious yet low-maintenance choice complements contemporary, traditional, and farmhouse styles alike.

2. **Bold Backsplash:** If you're tired of a dull kitchen, refresh the mood by installing a bold new backsplash in ceramic or glass tile. Before you begin, ensure that the wall is in good condition. Opt for a clean-lined, one-color tile that will keep your small kitchen looking uncluttered and spacious.

3. **Wall Blemish Repair:** Revive your home's walls by concealing nail holes and minor imperfections. For smaller holes, use a putty knife and surfacing compound to easily repair them. For larger holes, apply an adhesive patch over the area and spread an all-purpose drywall compound over it with a trowel. Depending on the size of the wall hole, the compound may need to dry overnight. Once dry, paint over the patch to seamlessly blend it into your wall.

4. **Efficient Showerheads:** Elevate your daily shower experience while saving money on your water bill by selecting a low-flow showerhead. If you already have a low-flow showerhead but experience reduced water flow, inspect for hard-water deposits that might be clogging the holes. Newer showerheads offer more control options, such as multiple spray styles, pivoting angles, and temperature settings. Consider replacing your showerhead with a newer model to enjoy a spa-worthy bathing experience in the comfort of your home. For a complete bathroom makeover, pair the new showerhead with new towel bars, such as the Better Homes & Gardens Classic Towel Bar, Toilet Paper Holder, and Towel Ring set.

5. **Upgrade Your Faucet:** Elevate your daily life with a faucet that not only looks elegant but also enhances functionality. Ensure it matches your existing sink configuration or plan to replace the sink for a customized fit. Your choice of faucet can significantly impact the overall aesthetic and utility of your kitchen or bathroom.

6. **Cabinet Hardware Update:** Refresh your cabinets and drawers by replacing factory-issued handles and pulls with designs that reflect your personal style. These days, you can find cabinet hardware to suit every kitchen style. Simple metallic hardware works well and will effortlessly complement any paint color you choose for future cabinet makeovers. If you're looking for a unique and eclectic appearance, explore antique shops for distinctive hardware pieces that will give your cabinets a truly distinctive look.

7. **Quick Medicine Cabinet Installation:** Transform your bathroom with a medicine cabinet that you can install in less than an hour. Opt for a flush-mounted cabinet that can be mounted directly to the wall above your bathroom sink, eliminating the need to cut away drywall or recess the cabinet between studs. While a flush-mounted cabinet might be shallower than a recessed cabinet, it ensures a neat and attractive bathroom space. Enhance the appearance by applying adhesive shelf liner to the back of the cabinet.

8. **Ambient Outdoor Lighting:** Craft the perfect outdoor ambiance with weather-resistant string lights. These lights are ideal for illuminating your patio or deck, creating a cozy atmosphere for outdoor dining and relaxation. They can be easily attached using screw eyes and carabiners, ensuring both a secure setup and effortless takedown. Say goodbye to temporary solutions that don't withstand the test of time.

9. **Beaded Board Elegance:** Give your kitchen or bathroom a traditional touch with beaded board paneling. If you plan to install it around sinks, be sure to finish it with a waterproof sealant. For a more modern take, consider using wider plank paneling to create a fresh, updated look.

10. **Illuminate Your Dining Area:** Your dining space can be revitalized with a fresh light fixture, such as the Better Homes & Gardens Globe Pendant Light. Replacing an existing fixture is your easiest option. Simply turn off the power at the breaker box, connect the wires, and enjoy an immediate change in your room's ambiance.

11. **Energy-Efficient Windows:** Boost your home's energy efficiency by replacing single-pane windows with high-performance double-pane Energy Star-rated windows. Look for windows labeled low-emissivity (low-E) or spectrally selective, which have a coating that reduces thermal heat transfer. This not only enhances energy efficiency but also contributes to your home's overall comfort and aesthetics.

12. **Craft a Quick Patio:** Turn your outdoor space into an inviting retreat with a DIY patio made from flagstone or cement pavers. The best part? No mortar is required. Enhance this space further by adding potted plants and comfortable outdoor seating, such as the Better Homes & Gardens River Oaks 3-Piece Soft and Nesting Table Set, to create a quaint and relaxing backyard escape. With the right planning and pieces, even a small space can be transformed into a delightful outdoor retreat. Seek out cozy nooks in your yard, and place a bench and a small side table to create a mini patio where you can enjoy your landscape.

13. **Sliding Barn Door:** For a touch of farmhouse flair, add depth and charm to your home with a sliding barn door. Perfect for a kitchen or den entrance, a sliding door provides privacy when needed or acts as eclectic décor when not in use. They are relatively easy to install; all it takes is assembling and mounting the hardware and door to a doorway.

14. **Charming Window Boxes:** For a touch of charm and garden beauty, consider adding window boxes to your home's exterior. Filled with a lush display of flowers, they not only give windows a polished finish but also provide a pleasant view from inside.

15. **Enhance Curb Appeal:** The first impression of your home matters. Revamp your front door by selecting a cheery, fresh color and accompany it with tasteful landscaping. Don't forget to upgrade the door hardware for that finishing touch. Consider placing potted plants near the entrance and illuminate the walkway with outdoor lighting to enhance your home's architectural features. Replace your worn welcome mat with a bold statement mat, setting the stage for a warm and welcoming ambiance from the get-go.

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