Exterior Repairs

Doucette Porch Ceiling

This was a lovely and charming home that had a damaged ceiling on the covered porch.  The builder used a cheap interior bead board inappropriate for exterior conditions.  Building materials intended for interior applications are not designed to withstand the harsh elements and are easily broken down by several factors, especially moisture and water damage.  We were able to outfit the ceiling with a high performing vinyl soffit product with a 20 year guarantee.

Bathroom Remodel

Barnes Tile

This bathroom was badly in need of attention....

The plastic tiles in the before images were failing badly and the wall paneling just had to go.  I removed everything all the way down to bare studs and installed Durock tile backer.  The client chose a more modern and better performing glazed ceramic tile in white, with a grey non sanded grout.  Laid out in a subway pattern it totally transformed the feel and use of the shower.  Bead board, chair rail, new base trim, drywall work, and painting were also done.